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Piezo Energy Carpet

Piezo Energy Carpet

Every day, millions of vehicles cruise downhill on interstate exit ramps, parking garages, and hilly terrain, propelled by the forces of gravity and momentum.

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What if we could...

...harness that energy?

Let’s face it. Solar and wind energy have had their day in the sun. Backed by massive government subsidies, they fail to either provide efficient power or capture the public imagination.

The world needs a new source of alternative energy.

PiezoElectric crystal, a material as unique as phosphorescent or radioactive material, but completely safe, has only been suitable for powering quartz watches, lighting camping grills, and small novelty uses. Until now.

With the Piezo Energy Carpet, piezo crystals can now be configured to harness the gravity and momentum of moving vehicles.

The energy that can be harvested by slowing just one average semi-trailer truck from 65 mph is enough to power an average US house for two hours, and a day’s worth of trucks can power as many as 55 US homes around the clock, using the Piezo Energy Carpet.

Piezo technology represents a future for alternative energy and the opportunity for material science revolution.

Piezo Electric Carpet Patent