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(New Enhancements to My Back Yard)

NIMBY, Not In My BackYard, is the predictable psychological resistance to changing pretty much anything.

NIMBY resistance to change is often a MEDICAL Issue - a Chemical/Hormonal REACTION due to our unintended provocation.

NEMBY Technology, “New Enhancements for My Back Yard,” is a systematic anti-NIMBY technology that helps avoid the brain chemistry obstacles.

There are SOLUTIONS!

What if a Presentation Device, with a myriad of inputs and outputs, capable of videos, PDF display, drawings, video conferencing, spreadsheets, and anything else -- could also allow a participative experience that helps overcome reluctance and resistance to change or to ideas?

Coming Soon.




Cracking the Collaboration Code is your encryption key to “escape velocity” and fostering collaboration with stakeholders in development and relationships. Using this Book, you can put together a plan for the most effective meeting strategy to get the best results for your business and relationships.

“Scientifically, brain scans show that what we think are frontal lobe “rational” decisions or “justifiable” responses… frequently are not so, at all!”

What do negotiations and charrettes have in common with investor, community, and government meetings, as well as with interpersonal and coworker relationships, marriage and childrearing?

“Our logical minds are often entirely blocked by our emotions.”


Everything is always about people.


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Videoconferences have made it possible for people living in multiple nations to dial in to a meeting and discuss problems and solutions. But drawbacks of such distance communication are obvious. [70-80% of communication is expressed in HOW the speaker says their words, their facial expressions, and their gestures. Most of this communication is lost in videoconferences. ]


What if

there existed a video-conferencing device that made virtual meetings just as engaging and feedback rich as in-person settings?

Coming Soon.